Q: What is the meaning of InaMei?

InaMei derives its name from a combination of Inanna and Mei. Inanna was the beautiful yet powerful ancient Sumarian goddess of love and human struggle. Mei is the Chinese word for beauty. InaMei believes that power and beauty go well together.


Q: Who can be mostly benefited from InaMei?

Everybody can be benefited from InaMei, and the people who can benefit the most are those with sensitive skin. It was reported that 45 to 52% of women have, or believe they have, sensitive skin. This group of people can benefit most from InaMei since they have been excluded from existing skin exfoliation techniques.


Q: How is InaMei different from the other skin renewal techniques?

InaMei’s SafePeel Beauty Strips utilize a bio-compatible, skin-friendly, smart-gel to bond to the outmost stratum corneum layer of the skin. A removed SafePeel strip brings layers of dead skin cells with it. Unlike chemical acid peels or mechanical dermabrasion, SafePeel strips will not cause skin irritation or over exfoliation, since this clean gel is only in contact with your skin for a brief moment and it leaves nothing behind when it is removed. You can get fresh and even skin tone in a few minutes.


Q: How often can I use SafePeel Beauty Strips to exfoliate my skin?

InaMei recommends that you use it once to twice a week to give yourself a refreshed look. Studies show “young” skin reaches 100% recovery 2 days after stripping. In this study, “young” means people who are younger than 65 years old. The same study also shows the recovery is 120% after 4 days, meaning your skin holds moisture 20% better! You can increase the skin exfoliation gradually after you use SafePeel Beauty Strips for 4 weeks, and some people can eventually get a SafePeel every two days, while some others can stay with the once to twice a week routine. Listen to your skin, since we are all different.


Q: Can I use packaging tape or a Scotch tape to achieve the same effect as the SafePeel Beauty Strips?

No, you are likely causing your skin more damage than good by using an industrial grade tape since whatever the industrial tape you might find in any local store is likely to contain chemicals which will harm your skin and your health. These chemicals are “oxidizers”, the opposite of antioxidants use to keep skin young looking..


Q: How long should I leave SafePeel Beauty Strips on?

Put your SafePeel Beauty Strips on, smooth them, and peel them off. This takes about 20 seconds. You can put 2, 3, or 4 strips on, then remove them off in that order, then put on the next 2, 3, or 4 strips on. In delicate areas such as eyelids, press the strip on gently and peel them off right away. Also use a very brief contact time if you happen to have very delicate skin. Also the treatment can be made more mild by peeling the strips off at a 180o angle, meaning that you life a corner, then fold it over as you remove it.


Q: My face is smaller than average, and I don’t use up the entire sheet of SafePeel Beauty Strips in one application.

There are other ways to make the SafePeel Beauty Strips work for you. Use it to clean out flaky areas if you are using a prescription retinoid (Renova, Retin A) or over the counter retinol (RoC Retinol Cream, for example).

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