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WOW, you have a great product. I used it and I’m so impressed. Much nicer than the peels and microbrasions I’ve used on myself and others in the past. It usually takes my skin a few hours/days to respond but this product is instant. I’m loving my skin.

I also took the strips and put them under the microscope and I was amazed at how evenly the strips removed dead skin. Also I had NO red areas on my face. (My skin isn’t sensitive, but 4 out of 10 times I get redness) But not with your strips. This is going to replace messy peels and exfoliation procedures.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Garnet from CO, makeup artist for MTV, senior esthetician for Estee Lauder, 55-60




Brilliant in its simplicity. Tried it, love it! TheONLY product that 1. works for me and 2. works for me without irritation.
- Regina from MA, 46-50




The difference of before and after is very pronounced, as if I did a deep peeling in a spa. The results are very visible and skin looks much fresher. I like how easy and fast it can be applied, and without any mess.
- May from TX, 45-50




I've used them three times and feel they worked well –  my skin was softer and smoother after the peel, and my pores smaller. Also, I felt some dullness was removed.
- Karen from MA, 51-55




It doesn't irritate the skin.  I have very sensitive skin, but I can use this just fine.  It does what it supposed to do:  remove dead skins from your face, my face is softer, and retains moisture better. 
- Connie from NJ, 51-55




This product lives up to its claim: easy to use, quick in action, obvious in results, and no irritation to sensitive skin.
- Yimin, MD, 51-55